July 26, 2013

"Behind The Gate"

Earlier this week, I've been through some new things (not that new in the end). You know the kind of situation you might wonder how you got in. You think about it and you figure out that it couldn't be any another way. You're nice, sweet, spending all your time (4 years exactly) and energy trying to show someone how great life can be, trying to make that someone smile every single day. Just living your life for someone... who never cared about anything or anyone. All of this was useless. You feel useless. You're broken and wonder if you'll ever be able to trust anyone again.

I'm sure you envy me right now. Well you don't have to. Haha
Yes, I'm smiling now, I've worked at it. It's not easy everyday, but I guess it was harder when this person was around. And I have to admit that I feel free now.

The benefit of all this was that he was my biggest inspiration. I wrote twelve songs about him and all the things he put me through, and now that it's over, I'll have to find other subjects to write about.

Anyway, I didn't know if I could share the thirteenth text I wrote last Monday (right after the final argument occurred). But wait, I have nothing to hide!

So here it is!


Beautiful and strong flower
Can you see it smile
Traveled a thousand miles
To get where you are

Shared all its power
To make you grow and see
How great life could be
But it couldn't foresee

On the other side of the gate
The predator shows its claws
The flower's afraid of the weight
Of the damages you can cause
But it'll pass, here starts the wait

Crushed and trampled flower
Can you see it cry
Why can't it fly
It's about to die

Can't get any lower
It was one step too many
When it couldn't take any
No it couldn't foresee

On the other side of the gate
The predator shows its claws
The flower's afraid of the weight
Of the damages you can cause
But it'll pass, here starts the wait

Desperate and useless flower
Kept hoping and praying
When you didn't care about anything
What a time-wasting

Slowly taking back its power
Tired of your words
Which became answers
It flies to a different world

July 22, 2013

Website Available!

Here it is !

The new banner of my website is finally over! Which means that my website is finally available !

Concerning the banner, it's just a little something to greet you, and to thank you all for coming on my website. I mean, she could let what's the most important to her (her balloon) go for you !

I wanted it to be simple, with no color added and no background. I leave it to your imagination.

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it.
(And if you think the animation isn't perfect, sorry, I had trouble with the GIF site...)

By the way, if you want your website to feature on mine, or your blog to feature on mine, don't hesitate to ask me.

July 16, 2013

Needing More Time...

Alright, I have to admit that all the things I'm working on take more time than I thought it would. But everything's going on well! 

 My Demo Reel is almost over. 
I still have to clean up my Website banner but the animation is done. 
I started to include characters in my Book pages. 

 Besides all this, I have to think a lot about my internship report and my diploma propositions
I hope everything will be done soon though! 
I'm keeping you updated. 

Yes, I had fun doing this!

July 5, 2013

Animation Session

1 hour, 20 drawings, 2 line-tests. An animation is born.
It'll appear on my website, in its banner to be exact.
Here's a picture of the key poses, 5 are enough.

I won't tell what it shows now, but you'll find out soon. I need to clean everything up first. It shouldn't take long. Like two days.
All I can say is that it's something short and pretty cute, like a greeting animation.

Stay tuned to see the final animation !

Little bonus : Another preview of my upcoming book !



I tried the Translation plug-in and I realized it was good, but not perfect at all! 
So to my family and friends who don't understand English well, please don't think my English is bad or I can speak well. Everyone knows translators are far from being perfect.
Anyway, you still can refer to it to understand the main message of my posts.
See you !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


J'ai essayé le traducteur du blog et je me suis rendue compte qu'il n'était pas parfait!
Donc à ma famille et mes amis qui ne comprennent pas forcément tout ce que j'écris, s'il vous plaît ne m'en tenez pas rigueur. Je vous rassure, je sais parler. Haha
Mais tout le monde sait que les traducteurs ont des failles.
Bref, vous pouvez tout de même vous y référer pour comprendre mes posts.
A très vite!

July 3, 2013

First Week

It's been one week since I shared this blog and it got more than 130 views!
I never thought it would get over 100.
So right now, all I have to say is 


It means a lot to me. I swear I'll work hard to keep you updated on what I do.
I currently am working on so much (portfolio, diploma, book, website...) beside my internship.
I have like two hours a day to work on my side projects, it's not a lot but still I take this time!

Thanks again and hope to hear about you all soon!

July 2, 2013

My Laladand

What's sweeter than the feeling you get when hear the first notes of your favorite song? What's best than singing along with the artists that take you to the dreamland you own?
To me, nothing. Music is the best thing humans have ever done. It helps understand life and people, it heals every wound, it can make the saddest person smile...
I love singing, I love playing the guitar, I love figuring out how a song was made.
Oh and I learned English thanks to music too. School only taught me what I already knew, and I've always been raked 1st to 3rd in this subject.

I followed so many artists since I was 7, starting with Britney Spears. Some of you will probably laugh at that, but I'm pretty proud of it. I still love her. I think she's a wonderful and so beautiful woman. I've been a fan for 5 years. I also saw her perform live in 2004 on her Onyx Hotel Tour. I went to many shows before but this one was fabulous!

The next one was Ricky Martin. Yes, you read well. It lasted 6 months. 6 happy months. I mean, his music is so joyful and you just want to dance to it. I never saw him live though.

In 2004, I had my R'n'B phase when I discovered great artists. The main one was Omarion (Have you ever heard of a band called B2K? Fresh music you really should listen to!). Singer, dancer, musician, writer, composer... and an actual hottie! I still listen to his music a lot, it helped me a lot at some points of my teenage years. I saw his live once in 2010 and had a special time with him. This boy is so sweet and grateful to his true fans.

I won't hide the fact that I also listened to some Rap music. But I quartered to one artist : T.I. I realized thanks to him that the French and American Rap cultures are so different. Somehow it made and still makes me sad...

In 2008 started a brand new era in my life. On a Sunday afternoon of July, while I was watching music videos on TV, one of them got all my attention : "SOS" by the Jonas Brothers. I first told myself “another boy band”. Then I saw their energy, their catchy chorus remained in my mind and I had to admit that I liked their music. The night after, I listened to all of their songs and the day after, I bought their 2nd album "Jonas Brothers". I still am a huge fan of those three wonderful boys who taught me so much about life. I don't know where I'd be without them actually... I saw them once in Antwerp on their World Tour 2009, and I saw Nick Jonas once more in 2010 for the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables in London. I just can't wait for them to come back in Europe!

One year ago, a friend of mine shared the link of a song called "Fireflies" with me. I immediately fell in love with Adam Young, aka Owl City. This boy's world is so dreamy, he is so talented no word can describe it. I swear someday I'll be part of this world and share 2 hours with this underrated boy.
I suggest you listen to Adam's side projects Port Blue and Sky Sailing.

Wow, don't let me start with music!
Well I'm finishing with a list of my favorite songs of all time

Private Emotion – Ricky Martin feat. Meja

Who are your favorite artists? 
What are your favorite songs?
I'm curious...