August 18, 2013

Let's go to Paris!

Earlier this week, I spent 3 days in Paris and it was awesome!
Later, I had the idea of creating a new blog where I'd talk about my different trips, and it's finally online. 

Just click on the link above and discover my experiences in the USA, Anvers, London, Biscarrosse and... Paris!
I love travelling, and I know I'm far from being over with that. That's why I created this blog. I didn't want to mix everything on this one.
I hope you like it. Don't hesitate to share your trips with me, I'd love hearing from you all!

August 9, 2013

How To Find Inspiration...

Have you ever felt a lack of inspiration, leading to frustration ? I hate that feeling. You just go through some bad situation, or some “trying time”, and you don't know how to react, or how to act. What a terrible moment !
What do you do to change things? Sometimes, you can't answer that question. So you just wait and see.

But there are so many ways to feel better, to find inspiration. Some are believers, and think God will help them. Well I don't believe in God at all, I mean nothing proves he's existence. Okay, I'm acting in bad faith as I believe in spirits. Yes, I do think we have guardian angels, and I know who mine is. So I find part of my strength in that person because I know it's always going to be okay anyway.
Though I don't always think of that. I need other inspirations to move forward. Everyone can find theirs, I swear. But I'm going to share mine with you all.

My first inspiration comes from the music I listen to.
Music is everything and heals all wounds, that's well known. And the artist who's helped me the most, of course, is Nick Jonas. He's been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 and he never gave up on life. He always shared his experience showing exceptional strength. He's a hero to me, and to millions of people in this world. His talent blows me away, his lyrics go straight to my heart and his voice gives me chills. Songs like A Little Bit Longer or Black Keys guided me for years and still do.
And his speeches are always gifts that feed me. Here's the one I heard when I first saw him in 2009 :

"About 4 years ago, I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was scared, I was worried that my dreams that I had wouldn't become true. But on my way to the hospital that night, I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't let it slow me down. And I'm here tonight to tell you that it hasn't slowed me down. So when that one day comes, and you need to press on the midst of hard times, I encourage you with these words tonight : don't you ever, EVER, let it slow you down. Because I believe in you, and I wanna thank all of you for believing in me. And I want you to know that each time you tell me that my story, me singing this song has inspired you, I just say thank you because what you may not know is that you, all of you are my inspiration.

Even though he doesn't know me, I know I can always rely on him. I will never stop supporting him and I'll go to all the shows I can until my legs don't bear me, and even further.

Nick's “A Little Bit Longer And I'll Be Fine” Dogtag I bought in December 2008

Is one inspiration enough? Well, I guess so, but once you covered all the aspects of every song, you need more. So I searched and searched, and finally discovered Owl City, a project created by Adam Young. This boy has such an incredible universe, I feel understood every time I listen to his music. Thanks to him, I'm not afraid to be who I am and to show how strange I can be. This is me, like it or leave it. The song that gets the most to me is The Real World, because “reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there”. We're all weird in our way, we just need to find someone or something that makes us understand it's human and normal. I did.

This is all so serious, but we all need some funny things to rely on too. Let me suggest you one blog :

How did I know about Christa Black? I first saw her in Antwerp during the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009, where she played the violin for the boys. I recently had enough time to read her blog. She's pretty famous in the USA for her inspirational posts. She talks about life, her experiences, and the questions everybody could ask but never get answers. She actually gives her own answers sharing her vision of the world, and writing about the funny things she went through. You should read it!

These are my biggest inspirations, my dreams left aside, of course. If you have none, keep searching, there are things for you too in this world. We all deserve to be happy, to be inspired.

Don't hesitate to share yours with me, I'm curious.

Here are some more quotes I love.

"Sometimes, it's better to see things playing it simple, black and white, instead of filling it with color and mess the whole picture up." - Nick Jonas

"Live your life knowing that your potential is more than you can comprehend for yourself." - Nick Jonas

"Stop hoping, start believing.” - Joe Jonas

"If I decided I'm the girl to change the world, I can do it anytime.” - Demi Lovato

"Life isn't how you survive in the thunderstorm, but how you dance in the rain.” - Adam Young

"It's not that I don't like to talk, it's just that I don't have anything to say." - Nick Jonas

"Roll out the red carpet for the people that come and go in your life, 9 times outta 10 you'll learn something if you watch. They won't forget the carpet though" - Omarion

August 5, 2013

Family Weekend

I spent the weekend at my Dad's house. 
How long haven't I been there? Too long I guess. School takes all my time.
I have to say that I had a great weekend. I mostly spent it with my step-mother (I hate this word, she's more of a friend to me), my little brother and my little sister, my father kind of regaining his strength. So we talked a lot, about my future and what I'd do to make my dreams happen. And I had the chance to see what good life was, how it felt to do nothing, to just think about me. I always feel like doing nothing is a loss of time and will lead me nowhere, but it does lead somewhere, it leads to peace. I couldn't do that everyday, but after a whole year without holidays, it feels good !


First of all, don't propose me to drink an Orangina, I will always say YES! So I've nicely been given one with... a Disney glass! To get me into “the mood” Haha.
Isn't it sweet knowing I'm a huge Disney fan?

After lunch, what's best to do when it's around 35 degrees outside and the sun shines bright and there's no cloud in sight? Put a swimming suit on, lay on the grass and try to get a tan.
I got a great tan... Okay, I actually got a great sunburn. But it'll soon turn into a great tan! Haha

While on the grass, you hear children screaming from the joy the pool brings to them. Do you feel jealous? Well, I did. So I joined them without even feeling guilty. No, I didn't.

This is what my weekend was made of, all wrapped up with loud music.
We also had a surprise when looking at a plant in the living-room. Have you ever seen yellow mushrooms? We did!

Last week of internship starting now. Then holidays, real ones! I still have things to do (not to say... work), but I'll be able to clear my mind for a while.

Have wonderful holidays !