November 2, 2013

Internship report done!

9 weeks of internship
4 professionals
3 interns
1 internship report to do

As I wrote down my thoughts and feelings everyday, I didn't take long to phrase those 13 pages of text (among around 30 pages). What took longer was the page layout. Teachers wanted it to be original, but in the end, I wanted it to fit the company, Kubiweb. So I made it pretty simple and effective.

What about the printing? Gosh, it was so stressful. I didn't know what it would look like in the end. Plus, the printer didn't work well, I lost one whole day trying to make it work as I wanted. But it was done by mid-day last Thursday!

I'm not sure my teacher will like it (and which mark he'll give me), but I know it'll help future interns making their own reports.