March 28, 2014

How is Diploma going?

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for not posting for... 11 days now. There's been a lot going on actually.
As the assessment diploma is next Tuesday (for me), I had to prepare many things, like researches, screenshots, character designs... and even TWO animatics!  Haha
At least everything's on my side to make things right, well I hope so.
Anyway, after that day, I'll be able to post more as all I'll have to think about is "Making The Movie".

Here's a new screenshot and a "line-up".

March 17, 2014

Portraits and Caricatures

Finally, I got to meet the WDW and Rubio Arts Corporation recruiters today after 5 years of wait! 
(I know it's a lot...)
Well I can say nothing about the interview as I don't even know what to think about it... BUT! 
I can do one thing : upload the portraits and caricatures I made for this "event"!

Here they are : on my Website

(... because Elvis rocks!)

March 12, 2014

Diploma's layouts

Finally, holidays allow me to work on my diploma project. I wasn't in the mood to animate, so I made some layouts, and I can say I had fun making them!

March 11, 2014

Diploma's Animated Shot

Yay! Here is the first animated shot from my Diploma project!
I love doing this! Each drawing takes me 25mins to make (per character of course), but I know I'll make it till the end!
Hope you like this little preview.

March 8, 2014

Cartoon Movie review

1 fest, 2 days and a half, 7 movies, 53 concepts

Movies watched
 - Beyond Beyond
 - Jack and The Cuckoo-Clock Heart
 - Minuscule

Concepts loved
 - Funan, the New People
 - Zombillenium
 - Faustine and the Chimera
 - Longway North
 - Song of the Sea
 - The Ghosts of Père Lachaise
 - Troglodis
 - Minna and the Dream Builders
(So many movies to watch in the next 3 years! Can't be happier!)

As I sneaked out of the group, I had the chance to talk with producers and distributors, and also to give my business card. It was so interesting learning about the animation industry, observing professionals introduce their projects, and seeing the variety of pitches proposed there.

Breakfast and lunch were offered!!! (Gosh, my belly still hurts. It's well known that students don't eat...)

March 4, 2014

Who wants one?

My 25 business cards are here, ready to be given away. Well, 24 actually, as I gave the first one to the Dreamworks recruiter today. Hehe
They all were made for the 2 days I'm going to spend at the Cartoon Movie festival. But I'll then order many more.

Dreamworks... Where I dream of working.

Your universe is very interesting, Jessica. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final version of your film. 
- The Dreamworks recruiter 

Needless to say that I thanked her a thousand times!

Little explanation : Today, we had the honor to meet the Dreamworks recruiter, not necessarily to get a job, but to get in touch with her and maybe get some advice. This was a wonderful experience. I love speaking English and "selling" my work. She was so nice with us!
Still can't believe how lucky we are.