March 8, 2014

Cartoon Movie review

1 fest, 2 days and a half, 7 movies, 53 concepts

Movies watched
 - Beyond Beyond
 - Jack and The Cuckoo-Clock Heart
 - Minuscule

Concepts loved
 - Funan, the New People
 - Zombillenium
 - Faustine and the Chimera
 - Longway North
 - Song of the Sea
 - The Ghosts of Père Lachaise
 - Troglodis
 - Minna and the Dream Builders
(So many movies to watch in the next 3 years! Can't be happier!)

As I sneaked out of the group, I had the chance to talk with producers and distributors, and also to give my business card. It was so interesting learning about the animation industry, observing professionals introduce their projects, and seeing the variety of pitches proposed there.

Breakfast and lunch were offered!!! (Gosh, my belly still hurts. It's well known that students don't eat...)

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