April 22, 2014

Diploma's Animated Shots

As I don't regularly post here, I uploaded a bunch of shots I made (all following and in the right order of course). Won't tell you what it's about or when exactly these are placed in the movie, it'd be too easy. Haha
I have to say that some changes will probably be done by the end of the production.
Hope you like this video. I'm working hard!

Diploma's animated shots

Sorry for not posting a lot, but I'm working hard on my short movie, so I forget about doing so... And maybe I don't really want to show that much for now either. Haha
BUT! Here are ... shots. 
Hope you enjoy them.

April 11, 2014

Diploma's shots

Oh guys, I'm working so hard on my diploma! Everything's going on pretty well, and tiredness (or anything) won't bring me down! 
Plus, I had a musical test for the credits, and I can tell my partner is pretty good at what he does.
Here are some of the new shots I made. As you can see, color is coming!

April 4, 2014

Diploma's Animated Shot

Here's the first animated shot from my Diploma Project.
I loved working on it, even though it took me 25min to make only one drawing (per character of course). Haha
I can't wait for the entire movie to be done!
Hope you like this little preview.