May 25, 2016

Character Design - Faces

As I am currently working on a new 2D animation and cannot post anything about it for the moment, here are some faces researches I made.
Some were inspired by people I know, others by people I saw.
Looks like I miss my Walt Disney World job, right?

May 19, 2016

NAM - Preview 1

Remember the cat model sheet?
Well here's a little preview of NAM, one of my new projects.
It's a 2D animation. Takes time but I love doing it.

May 15, 2016

Toothless everywhere!

You guys know how much I love How To Train Your Dragon, well my friends and family do too.
Those are gifts that never leave me when I work.
Oh and yes, you'll remember the background (I'm proud of it Haha)
Can't wait for the third movie in 2018. *crossing fingers*

May 12, 2016

NAM - Model Sheet

Here's a model sheet for "Nam", a new 2D Animation project of mine. It's going to be a short movie, a tribute to my princess, my love, who died about a month ago. 

A preview will be available pretty soon.

May 8, 2016

I'm back!

Hello everyone!
Guess who's back (for good this time)?
After a whole year in the USA, I started working hard again on my animations. I'll be posting often and keeping you informed about what's going on. Starting with... the update of the design of my website 
Thank you guys for the support (+100 new people on here in a year), I'm here to stay! 
smile emoticon