August 5, 2013

Family Weekend

I spent the weekend at my Dad's house. 
How long haven't I been there? Too long I guess. School takes all my time.
I have to say that I had a great weekend. I mostly spent it with my step-mother (I hate this word, she's more of a friend to me), my little brother and my little sister, my father kind of regaining his strength. So we talked a lot, about my future and what I'd do to make my dreams happen. And I had the chance to see what good life was, how it felt to do nothing, to just think about me. I always feel like doing nothing is a loss of time and will lead me nowhere, but it does lead somewhere, it leads to peace. I couldn't do that everyday, but after a whole year without holidays, it feels good !


First of all, don't propose me to drink an Orangina, I will always say YES! So I've nicely been given one with... a Disney glass! To get me into “the mood” Haha.
Isn't it sweet knowing I'm a huge Disney fan?

After lunch, what's best to do when it's around 35 degrees outside and the sun shines bright and there's no cloud in sight? Put a swimming suit on, lay on the grass and try to get a tan.
I got a great tan... Okay, I actually got a great sunburn. But it'll soon turn into a great tan! Haha

While on the grass, you hear children screaming from the joy the pool brings to them. Do you feel jealous? Well, I did. So I joined them without even feeling guilty. No, I didn't.

This is what my weekend was made of, all wrapped up with loud music.
We also had a surprise when looking at a plant in the living-room. Have you ever seen yellow mushrooms? We did!

Last week of internship starting now. Then holidays, real ones! I still have things to do (not to say... work), but I'll be able to clear my mind for a while.

Have wonderful holidays !

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