August 2, 2014


"Tryna break the chains but the chains only break me"

I'm not used to doing this, though I always wanted to. Some make fan arts of animated characters (not that I'll never do any, I have some ideas in mind), I make fan arts of songs. Well at least, I always tried, but none of them ever deserved to be posted. Until this one.

This week, one of my favorite artists (Nick Jonas) released the first single off his second solo album. It's called "Chains". And like many other songs, this one came on point to help me deal with my own life.
(Other examples? "A Little Bit Longer" by the Jonas Brothers, "Guilty" by Omarion, "Beautiful Times" by Owl City, "FU" by Miley Cyrus... And the list can grow much longer!)

It really inspired me, and still does.

This song is about realizing that chains prevent us from living our life and dreams like we always wanted to. It can be a person, an event, a word... it can be anything. We all have chains in our lives, in our hearts. Some deal with them better than others. Some keep them silent not to hurt anyone. Some ask for help. Some just put them aside and move forward. How hard is the last option! Even harder to break them for good.

I'm not going to talk about myself here, or at least not right now. But there's one thing I have to say. I think everyone has the right to live and be happy, no matter what people say or even think. Life is hard enough not to let anyone waste it. Dreams must become true, and people must understand it. We won't always succeed, but it's worth trying.

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