January 1, 2015


I know I have one full month to wish you all a Happy New Year, though I wanted to do it on the first day of January. 
I wish you everything you've ever dreamed of.
I hope you're full of great food because from now on, normal life is taking its toll on our freedom.
Please, don't take the doll as an example. Even though she has a customized treadmill, she said it all. 
No resolution for her!
Fortunately, I'm not her, and I do have resolutions, like everyone.
Will I keep them? I'll work on that too, just like everyone I guess.

What's coming in 2015?
- Portraits & Caricatures & Silhouettes (of course)
- More 3D animations
- 2D animations
- "Behind The Gate" starring Nell (No, I didn't forget about this project!)
- Doll development (finding her a name would be a good start...)
- Character Designs

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