September 10, 2014

Make Art

"We all make choices. The hard thing is to live with them, and there ain't nobody that can help you with that."

(choose yours)

The Words

This movie touched me as it deals with art and morals. Any artist could be confronted to what Rory Jansen lives. Tomorrow, you could find an amazing story you know everyone would love, decide to publish it under your own name, well knowing that those words are not yours and get all the credits out of them. But sooner or later, the past comes back from nowhere to ruin your life, or at least your mind. In such a situation, we all know what's best to do, though some of us will choose the wrong path.

I personally am, with all of my heart and soul, against injustice. Though, I felt compassion for this character, not only because it's Bradley Cooper... again, but because I could feel the torture he was a victim of thanks to his acting skills. So let me tell you something I truly believe in :

Say what you have to say through the art you know. Do your own thing.
If you can't express yourself, let others do it for you and spread their art crediting them.

Every story is to tell. Even the story of your life, as boring as you think it is, will find a reader or a listener. No need to envy anyone's talent, we all have our own. We just don't know how to use it. 

So my friends, don't let yourself drown into jealousy or injustice. Grab a pen, a brush or a guitar (or any other instrument including your voice) and let your art speak for itself.
People will appreciate and acknowledge your values and the truth in your art, trust me.

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