June 14, 2014

2014 Annecy Festival - 06-13-2014

After finishing my movie, I thought I deserved a day off. So I went to the Annecy animation festival with my mother.
We walked two hours through the city, and along the lake, making the most of the fresh air, far from Lyon's pollution.
Isn't if wonderful?

We ate in a restaurant near the MIFA, right where I planned on going, with my great friend Lorène.

Then I spent two hours at the MIFA. Why not more? 
1. There was not much accessible studios (lots of asian and indian studios)
2. Most stands were closing when I arrived (2pm). (Shame...)

So I first met Disney recruiters, and I realized I was lucky and blessed at that time.
The "boss", who I always wanted to meet, was very nice to me, and she lead me to two other recruiters, a concept one, and a animation one. They both took time to see my work and to give me great advice to get better. They showed me I could be what I want to be : a great animator.

Then I talked to a Quebec studios exponent. And I was greeted by a sweet Finnish producer who I spent a lot of time with, talking about my work, Finland, and the studios he represented. He actually made me want to know more about this country and its animation world, contrary to the other exponents...

In conclusion, I was pretty disappointed by the festival. Maybe it was because of the diploma, or the SNCF strike. But I spend a wonderful day far from problems and stress.

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